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Customer Service Reviews of U4FIFA.com

I most strongly reccomend this comany to anyone for a number of reasons. My purchases were very cheap, compared to other seller companies. Whenever I was in doubt, the support centre answered all my questions and were very helpful. My order purchases kept me updated constantly, which I liked the most and came in an instant flash!

I just bought 4600 Fifa 17 points for 19.28 and it gave me a totally new account logged in and every thing and it was grand but now the next day it won't let me login to the account saying that it has been suspended like wtf U4FIFA plz help.

I was reading all the reviews and I thought that I would be scammed to but I gave it a try and sold fifa 17 points to them. I contected them on live chat and after I said how much coins I wanted to sell and asking how much I would receive we started the proces. They listed players and I had to buy them. Just 1 minute after I bought the last player they asked for my paypal and I received the money instantly.

I sold fifa 17 points to u4fifa. i connected to the "sell to us" chat and got connected straight away. After talking about how much coins i am wanting to sell and how much i will get we continued the business on skype. I bought their card and got paid literally 2 minutes after. Was quite worried about all the bad reviews on here but after my experience i would really recommend u4fifa.

When I bought my points at U4FIFA.com, I filled in the wrong information about my order, but I later that day I had an e-mail from U4FIFA.com that my order wasn't correct. The most sites wouldn't bother about that, they just keep the money and the coins, but U4FIFA.com asked me if I would fill in the correct information again. I did that and then I went to the live chat (I didn't even had to be in the queue). There was Elin, who helped me with my order and within 2 minutes everything was sorted out! I've bought at different coinssites, but they aren't this customer friendly. So if i'm going to buy coins another time, I'm going to U4FIFA.com and I can really recommend this site to anyone (even to clumsy people like me, who make a lot of mistakes)!!!!!


EA Sports Already Working on FIFA 17

EA SPORTS intends to make some big changes in three key ares to the game when it releases on PS4 and Xbox One later this year.

Although EA have provided little in the ways of outlining anything to do with their next FIFA release, CEO Andrew Wilson has promised that the next step for the series will take a major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition.

The comments from Andrew were made during EAs Q4 earnings call earlier this week. Wilson said that FIFA 17, Madden NFL 17 and NHL 17, will all take necessary steps forward.

It was also confirmed that the games would come to consoles during the firms second quarter, which runs between July-September. Earlier this year the first new team for FIFA 17 was leaked on Instagram by Norwegian international midfielder Andrine Stolsmo Hegerberg.

Effectively, Hegerbergs post confirms that the 10th ranked women's national team of Norway is coming to FIFA 17. We can say that with some confidence, not just because of the Norwegian flag in Hegerbergs post, but also because the chances of FIFA suddenly including a wide selection of womens league teams seems slim to none.

In all likelihood EA Sports are expanding on the pre-existing 12 ladies squads which were included last year, such as England, Germany and USA.

Typically FIFA announcments have come towards the tail end of May so we wouldnt be surprised to learn more about the next game in the coming weeks.

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U4FIFA Mall is Officially Launched

Where to buy fifa 17 coins cheap and fast online? U4FIFA.com - A FIFA coins store sells cheap fifa 17 coins. If you are still looking for a good place to buy FIFA 17 coins, then you will not need to keep looking for anymore, choose us.

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As you can see, our website updates fifa 17 news and guides regularly which can help you to grasp the game news and gameplay experience better and faster. We are excellent supplier comparing with other peers. Aim at help you to save money and have a better shopping experience, we will issue discount codes to you irregularly and release the special offer during special holidays.

Thanks for your care reading and support to us. Your support is our source of progress. We will serve you wholeheartedly and hope you have a great day.
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